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Jacob Cohën

  /  Jacob Cohën

Jacob Cohën has always embraced the idea of comfortable yet luxury and eclectic clothing. The obsessive attention to detail, the use of fine fabrics and the craftsmanship behind Jacob Cohën garments have prompted the brand to bring its luxury lifestyle philosophy to the younger generation. The Jacob Cohën Junior spring summer 2024 collection is inspired by the ``dolce vita`` and the chic nautical world of Capri and Portofino. The nautical world dominates in the colour chart with shades of blue and sand and is also present in the workmanship and embroidery. The fabrics recall the essential-chic lifestyle of those who like to spend their summer holidays in luxury. They range from the more formal light fabrics, linen in various weights, for shirts, jackets and Bermuda shorts, to seer sucker suit and striped shirting cottons. The denim world is declined according to the brand's typical imprint with a variety of accessories and details that can make these garments precious and suitable for less formal ceremonies.